Energy Drink? ID, Please …

Children and teens younger than 17 who want an energy fix may soon need parental or guardian approval before taking a sip from certain energy drinks if a Michigan lawmaker gets his way, the Sentinel-Standard in Ionia, Mich., reported.

Rep. Brian Calley, R-Portland, introduced legislation that would bar Michigan establishments from selling certain energy drinks to underage children, and effectively put the decision in parent’s hands.

“It would ban the sale to minors, but it doesn’t ban the use by minors,” Calley said, adding that he isn’t trying to block the sale of energy drinks.

Calley penned the legislation after a constituent approached him when their son had a serious heart reaction after consuming an energy drink, the newspaper reported.

The proposed legislation says that purchasers 17 and younger would be prohibited from buying energy drinks with a caffeine content exceeding 71 milligrams per 12-ounce serving, as well as containing taurine and glucuronolactone.

“It is not that uncommon to have restrictions on what kids can purchase,” Calley said, adding that other common items minors are restricted from purchasing includes various forms of music, movies and video games.

Calley said he is not totally against energy drinks, but wants to give more control to parents, who can make choices for their developing children. “I am very parent-rights oriented,” he said.


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