Petroleum Pugilism

A gas war between a Chevron and Shell gas station in the Houston area caused chaos at an intersection in Harris County on Tuesday, KPRC Local 2 in Houston reported.

"They both have been lowering the price back and forth," customer Brandon Racey told the news station.

"They’re dropping the price so fast; can’t even pick up the numbers and take them inside," customer Del Dennis told the news station. Drivers couldn’t get enough. "Nowhere else in America," Dennis said. "Only in Houston, Texas."

Dennis got his picture taken with the sign when the price was $2.32 a gallon. It kept dropping.

The Chevron station recently opened, and the manager there said they gladly started the battle to let people know the gas station is here. It worked. The Shell station across the street played along.

Cars lined up for hours on Tuesday, KPRC reported. It got so congested that Harris County sheriff’s deputies had to direct traffic.

There was a glitch: The Chevron station ran out of gas at about 5:30 p.m., but people waited for more to come. When the gas truck arrived two hours later, drivers cheered, and Customers said the wait was worth every second.

"Absolutely, when I’ve been paying almost $4 a gallon," said Denisa Leal.

"It’s worth it. I’m hot, sweating, but it’s worth it," Toni Simon.

The managers said they do not know how long the war will last. On Wednesday morning, the price was back up to more than $3.


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