Gilbarco, Cybera Streamline Network Connectivity

Petroleum retailers and convenience store operators will need fewer phone lines, enjoy greater security and faster connectivity as a result of a new partnership between Gilbarco and Cybera, the companies said.

The two have joined forces to streamline voice, video and financial transaction data communication into a single, secure, converged network. The partnership is targeted primarily at retailers who are currently without a broadband infrastructure or are looking to transform their existing network connectivity into a single solution.

With its industry-leading SmartNetwork family of networking solutions, tailored specifically to meet Gilbarco customers’ needs, Cybera eliminates the need for multiple phone lines to support voice, payment networks, Applause Media System, security cameras, loyalty or ATMs, as well as Gilbarco help desk remote support or Internet.

Gilbarco products – including Passport POS system with Version 8 software and higher, Applause Media System, and SMART Connect – will consolidate communication through a network solution from Cybera. Additionally, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant network solutions from Cybera improve speed and protect data from viruses, worms and malicious attacks. The partnership also establishes infrastructure that will be needed to support new features, such as Remote Manager in Passport Version 9 and higher software.

“The broadband connectivity package from Cybera enhances the rich features and interfaces that are already part of Gilbarco’s portfolio of products,” said Richard Browne, vice president of marketing for North America at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “The additional security, speed, and phone line consolidation help retailers make the most of their investment today and builds infrastructure for future enhancements.”

Beyond the cost and performance benefits for c-store operators, the partnership is designed to eliminate the complexity of implementing, upgrading and supporting applications in the store environment. Store operators are often left assembling their own network hardware, connections and service provider relationships when investing in a new application.

This often requires IP routing, security, installation and application expertise that most store operators don’t have. By integrating the network solution with the applications, Gilbarco and Cybera are dramatically simplifying the technical and operational burdens many store operators face.

“Cybera is focused on superior application delivery through implementation, on-going performance and ultimately support,” said Ken Royer, senior vice president of sales for Cybera, Inc. “Our partnership with Gilbarco is another example of how we improve the real dollar business return for our customers. Whether it’s an uplift to in-store sales, a reduction of downtime for maintenance, or faster transactions, Cybera’s network solutions allow companies to run their businesses and not be forced to deal with the headaches of the underlying technology.”


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