20 days, 3,300 Customers, $660,000 in Free Gas

Southern California grocery leader Stater Bros. is launching an ambitious promotional program giving 3,300 customers free fuel for about a month.

The Stater Bros. gas giveaway works like this: Each day from Aug. 6 to Aug. 26, the retailer chooses 165 customers to receive $200 in gas gift cards. That’s $660,000 the grocer will dole out for the program.

To be eligible, a customer must purchase $50 or more in groceries to receive an entry form. For every additional $25 they spend at the store on that day, they receive another entry form, with a limit of five forms per household per day.

The grocery chain has 165 stores in Southern California. A $200 gift-card winner will be chosen at each store every day for the length of the promotion.

State Bros. is one of the largest supermarkets in Southern California, with annual sales in excess of $3 billion.


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