Where to Find the Best Workers

Among retailers who tuned in to CSD’s Webcast on hiring foodservice employees, more than 57% said finding part-time workers is one of their biggest hiring challenges. A second Webcast poll showed retailers rely on three primary sources to find the best employees:

• Referrals: 50%
• Walk-ins: 37.5%
• Advertisements: 12.5%

Mel Kleiman, of Humetrics Inc., offered three surefire ways retailers can find quality workers:
• Call former employees and ask if they’ll come back. Chances are, the job they took when they left isn’t all they thought it would be. They may be eager to rejoin your team.
• Rely on the best among your current stock of talent to refer friends and family. A strong referral program can build a talented team.
• Customers are potential applicants.
A final tip from Kleiman: Effective signage attracts applicants and speaks volumes about the company’s brand. The sign “Grow With Our Team” will generate better responses than “Now Hiring.”


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