The $10 Test

Mel Kleiman offers the $10 test: Give your applicant a $10 bill and tell him to buy something in the store—a sandwich, a fountain drink, anything of his choosing—and ask him to return the next day with an assessment of the experience. The applicant will do one of three things:

• Take the $10 and run. You’ll never see him again, but it’s the cheapest $10 you’ll ever spend and you save more in the long term.
• Return the next day with a great shopping report.  That’s probably a good candidate for employment.
• Return the next day with a receipt and change from his purchases and a detailed assessment of the experience.  That’s the employee you’re looking for.



  1. my daughter n her children just witnessed a employee of yours putting a man into his van while he was having a dieabettic reaction, she said it was your policy to remove them from the store and not to call for help “NOT TO GET INVOLVED” was the emploee words…what happen to compatition for your nabor?{sorry for my spelling} this person put him in his van n sent him away. I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR KWIK-STAR AND ALOT OF OTHERS DO AS WELL.

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