Relax & Revive

It’s a stressful world and consumers are increasingly looking for beverages that will help them "chill out." They now have a new choice: Relax & Revive, a beverage that helps consumers relax, recover and reduce anxiety. Crash Beverages has brought R&R to market in a 12-ounce Rexam sleek can. R&R is specifically designed for consumers who want to wind down from a tough day or just take a break. This innovative beverage mixes energizing B-vitamins with de-stressing herbal ingredients such as valerian root, passion flower and tryptophan to deliver a new dimension of mental and emotional functionality. It has a naturally decaffeinated herbal tea base and a great-tasting berry flavor. The 12-ounce sleek can is part of the innovative Rexam can family, which also includes 9-ounce and 10.5-ounce sizes. R&R has a suggested retail price of $1.99.

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