A Jolt of Energy

Wet Planet Beverages delivers more innovation this month as Jolt Energy initiates a national roll-out of the revolutionary 16-ounce resealable cap can. The popular 16-ounce size represents nearly 60% of all energy drink sales, thus providing Jolt Energy broader consumer appeal. In 2006, Jolt made headlines with their inventive 23.5-ounce resealable aluminum bottle. Tastefully packaged in seven multi-colored bottles, Jolt Energy easily stands out to consumers. The resealable cap is user-friendly and allows hours of carbonated energy, unlike the competition who fall flat after opening. Jolt Energy’s price per value is unmatched. With a target price of $2.39, Jolt Energy hits its consumers with nearly 2,200 milligrams of active ingredients in the first resealable 16-ounce can.

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