Fresh & Easy Adopts Local Flair

A Fresh & Easy store in Fresno, Calif., will be the chain’s first to include design elements borrowed from the local community and neighborhood, according to various online reports and a Fresh & Easy blog site,

The Fresno location received approval from council members in that city last week. Located on Tulare Street, the Fresh & Easy store is the erstwhile site of a famous restaurant. The new store will incorporate various localized design elements such as a clock tower, masonry façade and murals.

The Fresh & Easy Buzz blog site said the new store’s design will be “singularly unique compared to the 63 small-format grocery stores the grocery chain has opened thus far.” The main difference is that the retailer is taking local community or neighborhood elements and rolling them into the store design, rather than relying on “cookie-cutter” designs as it did for previous stores.


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