Dresser Wayne Reaches Security Compliance Milestone

Dresser Wayne, a global marketer of retail fuel dispensers and technologies, reported its Nucleus Point of Sale Base 19 software has achieved Visa Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) compliance validation. The validation was performed by Trustwave, a provider of on-demand data security and payment card industry compliance management solutions to global businesses and organizations.

Through the rigorous review process required by Visa and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Dresser Wayne successfully demonstrated that the Nucleus Point of Sale Base 19 solution is compliant with regulatory specifications.

Coming shortly after Dresser Wayne’s successful beta installation in Canada of the PCI-compliant iX Pay secure payment solution, the Visa PABP certification represents the next step in Dresser Wayne’s continued efforts to help fuel retailers establish compliance with evolving data security requirements.

“Achieving this validation is an important win for current and future Nucleus POS system customers,” said Tom Chittenden, systems product manager for Dresser Wayne. “It delivers PCI security compliance at the POS system, and combined with our Enterprise Management solution, it can be securely configured and managed from a remote location while remaining in compliance. It is one less issue fuel retailers need to worry about.”

Visa’s PABP applies to software vendors who develop payment applications that store, process, or transmit data as part of authorization or settlement. The annual on-site review consists of 14 PABP requirements. These mandates include card holder data protection, secure passwords, wireless transmission protection, sensitive traffic encryption over public networks and more.

The Visa PABP validation is part of Dresser Wayne’s commitment to providing fuel retailers with advanced security so retailers can better serve consumers and protect equipment investments as standards evolve over the coming years. Dresser Wayne’s iX Pay secure payment solution for retail fuel dispensers was the first and only product of its kind to obtain PCI Encrypting PIN Pad Version 2.0 certification.

“Payment security regulatory compliance is a major concern for our customers right now,” said Tim Weston, Dresser Wayne’s product manager for payment technologies. “We are focused on easing the transition to compliant systems by offering scalable technology that will stay in-step with developing regulations from multiple organizations.”



  1. We have a 3 position Wayne Nucleus, complete system, about 2 years old
    that we would like to sell.  Touch screens/manuals, etc.  Anyone interested in buying at a reasonable price?  If so, please email me at: vj2ano@aol.com

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