RedPrairie Optimizes Shipping

RedPrairie Corporation announced enhancements to its industry-leading warehouse management solution, which is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of shipment and delivery of food and other perishable goods.

While useful for a variety of multi-environment and campus distribution operations, the enhancements are especially helpful for food distributors and grocery retailers.

“In food and grocery distribution you frequently have shipments comprised of frozen, refrigerated and dry goods on a single truck,” said Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president of product strategy. “By providing advanced algorithms for picking, staging and loading these items across multi-temperature and multiple building campus environments, we enable our customers to maximize the efficiency of temperature-controlled trailers while effectively managing the loading operations.”

Traditionally, multi-stop loads common in retail and grocery delivery are loaded in stop sequence. This is not suitable, however, when loading a multi-temperature controlled trailer or when loading orders from multiple buildings within a campus environment.

Instead, RedPrairie has created sophisticated loading algorithms that take into account multiple loading doors and temperature zones on trailers, as well as stop sequencing when performing picking, staging and loading operations.

This protects the quality of food and other perishables, improves the accuracy and efficiency of loading operations and reduces shipping costs and damages. The multi-temperature loading enhancements are contained in the latest version of RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management system, which is now available in general release.


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