Lite & Lean Protein

Water is essential for healthy living and plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the human body. Combine water with whey protein, dietary fiber and amazing natural flavors, and you have a winning formula. With in-depth product development and backed by extensive research, Designer Whey is launching its new line of nutritional Designer Whey Lite & Lean protein drinks and powders. The new Lite & Lean line features Protein2GO Paks and 12-ounce canister formats as well as the ready-to-drink bottles with just 35 calories. The Lite & Lean protein drinks are available in Blue Raspberry and Cranapple flavors. Lite & Lean protein powder products are available in two flavors: Raspberry Açai and Mixed Blueberry. The suggested retail price for the 2GoPak is $1.99 and $12.99 per canister.

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