Alaskan Energy Crisis Solved

Faced with almost six weeks of daylight when the summer solstice hit their town on June 20, residents in Barrow, Alaska, were finally provided an answer to their age-old question: How do you make it through a 1,992-hour day?

In honor of the summer solstice, the makers of Jolt Energy drink airlifted 370 cases of Jolt Energy to the town of 4,065 residents. To ice the cake, Barrow Mayor Michael Stotts renamed the town Jolt, Alaska, for a 24-hour period on June 20.

One bottle of Jolt was supplied to every resident in the town, which endures five weeks and six days of unfettered sunlight every year.

"We will not stand idly by and let the citizens of Jolt go un-energized through their 1,992-hour day," said C.J. Rapp (pictured), head of Jolt’s parent company, Wet Planet Beverage, of Rochester, N.Y.

The drinks were distributed at noon on June 20, exactly five weeks and six days before nightfall.


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