The Consumer: Gone in 30 Seconds …

Gas Station TV, an industry leader in digital out-of-home television, said a Nielsen Media Research study proves consumers are better at recalling shorter-form advertisements – usually those about 10- and 15-seconds long –featured on Gas Station TV Network, as opposed to 30-second ad spots.

GSTV said the study’s results confirm that shorter spots on the pump-top TV programming gives advertisers the most cost-effective method to captivate consumers, given that the out-of-pocket cost for these units cost less than a 30-second spot.

The purpose of the research was to determine the effectiveness of shorter ads versus traditional 30-second spots on the GSTV Network during a time of increased demand for measurable return on investment, GSTV said.

"Our comparison study shows that the unique media environment at Gas Station TV proves equivalent advertising recall effectiveness with shorter form 10- or 15-second ads versus traditional 30-second ads," said Paul Lindstrom, vice president of Nielsen Media Research.

The Nielsen Media study was conducted over a two-week period at 24 GSTV-equipped gas stations in top media markets in the U.S., including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Dallas, where two national advertisers featured 10-, 15- and 30-second ad spots similar in style, tone and messaging.

Customers ages 18 and older were randomly selected to complete a 16-question survey measuring gas station behaviors, advertising recall and purchase intent. Results of the study showed without a doubt that GSTV delivers maximum ad effectiveness using 10- and 15-second spots, GSTV said, adding that it proves GSTV is the most cost-effective messaging strategy for advertisers.

By using shorter ads, advertisers are able to gain optimal results and produce more value as compared to purchasing the traditional 30-second ads.

Key findings from the GSTV/Nielsen Media Research study included:

  • When comparing the recall for different ad lengths, results indicated that one 15-second spot for Werther’s candy was 7% more effective than its 30-second counterpart. When evaluating return-on-investment, value for the 15-second ad was 108% greater than its 30-second equivalent on GSTV.
  • Another 10-second spot, featuring Kellogg’s Pop Tarts on GSTV, had 2% higher ad recall, generating 156% greater ROI when compared to the 30-second counterpart.
  • Nearly 90% of survey respondents indicated they watched or listened to Gas Station TV while refueling their vehicle.
  • Among all commercial spot lengths, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents consistently indicated their likelihood to purchase the products featured on GSTV, with as much as 89% of consumers indicating their willingness to purchase the featured product after viewing the ad.

    "GSTV advertising research conducted over the last two years with Nielsen has consistently demonstrated incredibly strong advertising effectiveness with up to 70 percent of consumers recalling one or more ads," said David Leider CEO of GSTV. "Our purpose in this study was to make it clear for advertisers what we’ve known all along – GSTV delivers maximum ROI by delivering high ad recall with less out-of-pocket cost. Simply, shorter-length ad units, which cost less, delivered equivalent or higher recall and purchase intent metrics."

    Gas Station TV is the largest provider of TV at the gas pump and is currently on more than 5,500 screens in more than 400 U.S. cities, including all top media markets.

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