A Hoagie In Vogue

Wawa Inc. today announced the launch of Hoagiefest, a harmonious campaign celebrating the almighty hoagie with special price promotions and summer-long events.

A different Wawa shorti will be featured every two weeks for just $2.99, and just to bring the love and serenity imbued in every hoagie bite to its loyal customers, Wawa has created its first-ever microsite dedicated to Hoagiefest.

Customers can enter into an interactive hoagie world and experience all the peace, love, and provolone anyone could ever want by visited wawa.com and clicking on the hoagiefest.com site. The celebration will run now through August 3 and will take place in all of Wawa’s 570 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Think you’ve journeyed back to the psychedelic 1960’s? You’ve actually entered Hoagiefest.com, Wawa’s online spectacle filled with colors, songs and images of the 1960s hippie culture that uniquely come together to celebrate the spirit of the hoagie. With the click of a mouse customers can learn about the Hoagiefest campaign and experience a host of interactive, fun features of the site such as:

  • 1960s inspired images and moving icons.
  • A vote for your favorite shorti option.
  • A menu detailing the promoted hoagies.
  • A “tour schedule” detailing the dates each hoagie will be featured.
  • A special “Freebie” icon which allows you to download groovy wallpaper, IM and Buddy icons, and three custom Hoagiefest songs to download and enjoy.

    “Hoagiefest is all about paying tribute to the mouthwatering hoagies we’ve come to love. Wawais thrilled to not only bring our customers this incredible value, but also to share it with everyonein a way that is as fun and interactive as actually eating a hoagie,” said Howard Stoeckel,Wawa’s president and CEO. “Hoagiefest.com brings our commitment to delighting thecustomer to life, expressing the love we feel for our customers and our hoagies.”

    In addition to promoting the campaign through Hoagiefest.com, Wawa will feature Hoagiefestbillboards, banners, truck wraps and radio ads. Wawa associates will also join in the spirit aswell, proudly wearing tie-dyed t-shirts throughout the eight-week campaign. Wawa also plans tohost several Woodstock-inspired Hoagiefest events, which will take shape as summer festivalsthat bring people together and celebrate their love of Wawa hoagies.

    The Hoagiefest Tour Dates:

  • Italian: June 9 to 22
  • Cheesesteak (beef or chicken): June 23 to July 6
  • Turkey: July 7 to July 20
  • Meatball: July 21 to August 3

    “At Wawa, our customers revere and treasure their hoagies, often ordering their favorite overand over again,” Stoeckel said. “We sell over 56 Million hoagies annually, and Hoagiefest wascreated to celebrate one of the most beloved food-items we have at Wawa, as well as toencourage customers to try new varieties and sample them toasted.”

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