Summer Solstice Spurs Jolt’s Alaskan Airlift

In honor of the Summer Solstice, the Alaskan town of Barrow will officially be renamed “Jolt” for a 24-hour period on June 20, when Jolt Energy airlifts hundreds of energy drinks to the enlightened town.

So says Barrow Mayor Michael Stotts and Jolt Energy Drinks, a company rejuvenating the townsfolk as they face an annual barrage of daylight.

Barrow – er, Jolt – has about 4,065 residents who kick off five weeks and six days of unbroken daylight on that day, as the town officially starts the Summer Solstice and the Northern Hemisphere welcomes the beginning of summer.

The small Alaskan town is 320 miles above the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost settlement in the U.S. With its incoming salvo of sunshine, the town’s residents will be working longer, playing harder and in dire need of an energy boost from Jolt.

So Jolt Energy will airlift 370 cases of the drink to Jolt, Alaska, providing about one bottle to every resident in hopes of reducing “the debilitating effects of being up too long on the longest day of the year,” the company said.

It is a noble mission. The emergency boosts will be distributed at noon, which will be exactly five weeks and six days after sunrise there, with another five weeks and six days to go until nightfall.

“We will not stand idly by and let the citizens of Jolt go un-energized through their 1,992-hour day,” said C.J. Rapp, president, founder and, not coincidentally, dean of caffeine for Jolt’s parent company, Wet Planet Beverage in Rochester, N.Y.

Jolt was the first energy drink that ever hit the market – it was initially launched in 1985. Well known for its caffeine, Jolt added more active ingredients in 2006, including taurine, guarana, ginseng and Vitamin B Complex.

With these added ingredients, Jolt became a full-fledged energy drink. Jolt Energy was the first energy drink to use re-sealable technology on its eye-catching 23.5-ounce aluminum bottle.


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