IRI Probes Eco-Minded Minds

Chicago-based consumer research firm IRI is teaming with TNS U.S., of New York, to gain a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors in all things green.

The two companies are looking to flesh out new concepts on the green front, including a determination on which types of consumers are likely to buy green products and if they’re willing to pay more or travel further for them.

IRI will integrate TNS’ “Shades of Green” methodology into its Consumer Network Household Panel. “Shades of Green” segments consumers by their attitudes and behavior toward environmental issues and their motivation to purchase green products, while IRI’s Consumer Network Panel demographically reflects the U.S. consumer base and provides data on actual purchasing patterns, product selections, trip missions and related shopping information.

By applying the TNS “Shades of Green” segmentation to IRI’s consumer panel, IRI clients will be able to monitor category and brand purchasing dynamics across the full range of green consumer segments.

This will enable marketers to monitor consumer purchase behavior among consumer and shopper groups that are segmented by their attitude and behavior toward the environment. Marketers will also be able to track conversion rates and loyalty across “green” segments, as well as gauge client reaction to “green” in-store marketing.

“What we are offering marketers is unique and really powerful,” said Robert I. Tomei, president of TNS U.S. Areas of Expertise & Marketing. “For the first time, marketers (both manufacturers and retailers) will have a combined view of consumer environmental attitudes with actual purchase behavior.

According to Tomei, this could be the first of a series of TNS and IRI collaborations designed to deliver valuable insights to clients.

Both firms have developed significant expertise in identifying and analyzing U.S. consumer attitudes and behaviors surrounding the purchase of green, recycled and environmentally sound products.


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