Planning The Pit Stops

Harley-Davidson has rolled out “Ride Planner version 2.0,” an interactive and online tool that gives cross-country travelers the ability to map out fueling locations and other pit stops on their road trips.

The customizable maps include more than 14,000 Shell-branded gasoline stations located along any route in the U.S.

The Web-based Ride Planner allows motorcyclists to pre-plan their trip by using an interactive map that identifies the locations of authorized Harley-Davidson dealers, as well as Shell-branded gas stations.

Shell has long been offering a Web site for the public to search for its stations by city or zip code (, as well as search for amenities each station provides, including convenience stores, operating hours, ATMs and air or water service.

Harley Davidson’s Ride Planner 2.0, located at, allows riders to identify all Shell-branded sites along each potential route. Additionally, they will be able to get an aerial satellite view of the station and its surroundings prior to the trip.

“The alliance between Shell and Harley-Davidson to bring this level of convenience to motorcyclists was an obvious fit,” said David Bunch, Shell general manager of North America retail marketing. “The inclusion of Shell locations in the updated version of Ride Planner helps ensure riders will know where to fill up with the quality premium gasoline recommended for their bikes. This adds a level of certainty by ensuring riders can make it to their destination without running out of gasoline, which will make every ride that much more enjoyable.”

While Ride Planner 2.0 is already being used to plan regional and national trips, this summer it will see its highest profile ride to date with the Ride Home to the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration. Riders can already go online to choose from 105 official starting points or map out a personalized trip from their own garage.

Ride Planner 2.0 is easier to use than a traditional map because it offers multiple interactive methods to create and edit a ride plan. New, dynamic locations along each route, satellite imagery and highlighted points of interest make trip planning that much more enjoyable.

Motorcyclists and motorists who are looking for specific route suggestions should be sure to check out the roads overlay feature that presents highlighted routes on the map with an overview, rating and reviews by other riders.

“The interactive features on Ride Planner 2.0 were designed to help Harley-Davidson riders and owners achieve the ultimate motorcycling experience,” said Joanne Bischmann, Harley-Davidson vice president of licensing and special events. “For example, we wanted riders to be able to easily locate quality fuel stops along their route, which is why we chose to partner with Shell.”

Shell has more than 14,000 gas stations from coast to coast, and is the exclusive fuel provider for Harley-Davidson’s 105th Anniversary Celebration.


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