Zip Trip Stores Switching To Cenex Fuel

Following up on its acquisition of 33 Zip Trip convenience stores in the Pacific Northwest, CHS Inc. has begun converting the c-stores from the 76 brand to the Cenex energy brand, the company said.

The initial conversion includes the installation of new signs and lighting, as well as updating graphics on canopies and fuel pumps. Once completed, the stores will carry contemporary Cenex brand images featuring bright colors and strong brand visibility.

"We expect to have almost all of these stores converted within just a few weeks," said Bob Schulte, CHS retail financial operations manager. "At CHS, we have the people, the processes and the partners to quickly and efficiently convert multi-location retailers to the Cenex brand, with minimal disruptions to customers. Because payment solutions are so critical to today’s c-store business, we are also working to ensure a smooth and fast transition to Cenex proprietary credit cards."

CHS is supplying the Zip Trip stores with Cenex gas and diesel from its Laurel, Mont., refinery. Along with three other Cenex retail locations operated by an independent dealer, the newly acquired Zip Trip locations make Spokane, Wash., the single largest metropolitan market for Cenex c-stores in the U.S.

CHS is a diversified energy, grains and foods company owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives, along with thousands of preferred stockholders. The company supplies energy, crop nutrients, grain, livestock feed, food and food ingredients, along with business solutions including insurance, financial and risk management services.


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