Dunkin’ Donuts Donates Dough

Dunkin’ Brands Inc. became a founding donor of the The Culinary Institute of America’s “El Sueño” initiative after donating $1 million to the school’s baking and pastry kitchens at a new campus in San Antonio, Texas, and the main campus in Hyde Park, New York, The Culinary Institute of America reported.

The money will be paid over five years beginning next year. “El Sueño,” which means “The Dream,” was created by the Culinary Institute to elevate Latin American cuisines to more prominence among the world’s cuisines, the institute reported.

The institute’s San Antonio campus is becoming a leading educational and research center promoting Latin American culinary diversity in the U.S. foodservice industry. The institute’s two campuses work in conjunction to prepare students for the culinary profession.

“Creating an opportunity for aspiring Latino chefs and bakers to receive a quality education strengthens their preparation for becoming culinary leaders, and that is our unwavering promise and commitment,” says Culinary Institute of America President Tim Ryan. “Central to achieving this goal is the establishment of facilities and curriculum that embrace Latin American culinary, baking, and pastry traditions.”

“Dunkin’ Brands is proud to support the educational facilities that will help to advance the growing influence of Latino cuisine,” said Jon Luther, Dunkin’ Brands chairman and CEO. “We deeply respect the CIA’s rich history, President Ryan’s proven leadership and the steadfast dedication to quality education provided by the administration, faculty, and alumni to benefit students from around the world.”

The anticipated completion date for construction of the kitchens at the two campuses is 2010.


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