Giles Enterprises Goes Green

Ventless technology leader Giles Enterprises Inc., of Montgomery, Ala., has added two new Environmental Hoods to its product like to promote clean-air technologies.

The company’s ventless hoods clean the air safely and re-circulate it into a room without needing a permanent, vented system. The new Environmental Hoods vent like traditional Hood Systems, but they take the company’s patented system a step further by cleaning the air exhausted into the outside environment.

The Environmental Hoods use a patent-pending process whereby grease-laden air is cleaned prior to discharging into the air duct. The air passes thru a four-step cleaning process which includes a grease filter, electrostatic air cleaner, special carbon filter and a UV light. It effectively reduces the location’s carbon footprint, while ducts, roofs and building exteriors are kept cleaner as well. It also reduces the need for building maintenance due to waste emissions that result from standard ventilation systems.

“We are excited to offer this exciting new technology to the foodservice industry,” said David Byrd, president of Giles Foodservice Equipment. “By cleaning the air exhausted into the hood ducts and outside environment, we are helping the cost of operation while enhancing the environment by cleaning the air.”

Giles will introduce the “green technology” at the NRA Show this week in Chicago. The company is a leading supplier of foodservice products, specializing in the development and manufacture of technologically advanced ventless fryers and hoods used by all segments of the foodservice industry.


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