Manage a C-Store, Xbox-style

Pulling a page from the blockbuster videogame SimCity, Asian videogame maker Nippon Ichi Software has developed “Combini 200X,” a videogame where users can manage their own convenience store, reported.

The game lets players become owners of a chain of convenience stores, which are called “kombini” in Japanese and usually written as “combini” in English. Players can manage their way to c-store grandeur as they fight off rival c-store chains.

The game is part of a series that has spanned multiple platforms, and there’s a version released on the Xbox 360 in Japan called The Combini 200X. The Nintendo DS version has other features, including the ability to sort through a store’s inventory using the system’s touch pen.

The game is set for a fall release in Japan, though it was unknown if, or when, it could hit retailers in the U.S.


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