Crime Doesn’t Pay (Unless You Report It)

Rutter’s Farm Stores presented customer Deitrick Davis with a $250 reward for assisting in the capture of a suspect in an April 25 robbery at the company’s store in Waynesboro in Franklin County, Pa., the company said.

Davis, a Waynesboro resident, had walked into the Rutter’s at 141 S. Potomac St. as a robbery suspect was walking out. A Rutter’s employee mouthed to Davis, “I just got robbed.”

Davis jumped in his car and followed the suspect but lost him, though he later saw the suspect leaving the parking lot of another local store. Davis wrote down the suspect’s license plate number and provided it to police, who caught the suspect near his home in Rouzerville.

“We have many loyal and valued customers in Waynesboro,” said Scott Hartman, Rutter’s Farm Stores president and CEO, “but Mr. Davis deserves special recognition for his efforts to nab the suspect in this robbery. He showed a great deal of courage and heroism for which we’re very grateful.”

Rutter’s operates 51 c-stores in York, Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.


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