Chrysler Offers Gas Price Protection

As gas prices climb, more and more companies are offering ways to save at the pump. Now Chrysler dealerships are on board. Starting Wednesday, the “Let’s Refuel America Program” will give new car buyers the opportunity to pay $2.99 a gallon for three years, no matter how high gas prices rise. The price protection program is in lieu of other incentives like rebates or zero percent financing.

Chrysler will pay the difference over the three year period, the Associated Press reported. Joseph Mooney, sales manager for Longley Brothers, a Chrysler dealer in Fulton, N.Y. said other dealerships could soon follow with similar programs.

But what if we’re lucky enough to see gas prices actually go down?

"If the gas prices go down below $2.99 a gallon, then of course the customer can buy the gas at the lower price. I kind of doubt that’s going to happen. Obviously, the trend is that gas is going up and they’re talking about hitting $5 a gallon before it’s all over. So again, it will allow everybody to buy the gas at $2.99 a gallon, but buy it at $2.99 a gallon at their local gas station, so they don’t have to go wait at the long lines at some of the other gas stations across town to find the cheapest gallon. They’re locked in at $2.99," Joseph Mooney said.


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