Stix Snacks

The Procter & Gamble Co. is introducing consumers to a totally different kind of Pringle snack treat with the official nationwide rollout of Pringles Stix, an all-crispy, all-crunchy, baked cracker stick. Pringles Stix are baked-wheat, crispy-cracker sticks with a one-of-a-kind great taste. Pringles Stix are available in four popular snacking flavors including Crunchy Wheat, Vanilla, Honey Butter and Pizza. An alternative form of snacking, Pringles Stix offer a high-quality, great-tasting newkind of Pringle. Each flavor comes in a 6.8-ounce box and contains 10 .68-ounce individually-wrapped packs. The suggested retail price is $3.49; however, the pricing is at the discretion of the retailer and may vary slightly.

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