Pure Organic Pickles

Del Monte proudly presents the first line of USDA-certified organic pickles in five varieties. The new organic pickle line-up, which promises to pack a powerful punch to any picnic platter, includes Sweet Bread & Butter Chips, Dill Burger Slices, Kosher Dill Whole Pickles, Kosher Dill Baby Pickles and Kosher Dill Spears. These organic products feature the same high-quality, unrivalled variety and savory flavor that consumers have come to associate with the Del Monte brand. The pickles are produced and marketed by M.A. Gedney Co. and sold under the Del Monte label. The full line of USDA-certified organic pickles is now available in stores nationwide. The suggested retail price for Gedney and Del Monte organic pickles ranges from $3 to $5 per 24-ounce jar.

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  1. Nanner3327 says:

    Where in San Diego, California can I purchase Del Monte Dill Pickles

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