On-the-Go Vitamins

 4C introduces the newest, most delicious way to take your vitamins, 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix. Packed with vitamins and full of flavor, these convenient on-the-go drink mixes are quickly becoming a staple for the on-the-go customer, specifically female consumers. Even those watching their waistlines can indulge as all three flavors of the 4C Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix have zero calories and no sugar. Flavors include: Vision, Reboot and C-Drive. “Now with Totally Light2Go Vitamin Stix it’s easy for a woman on the go to get the benefit of vitamins while enjoying a great tasting beverage wherever she is,” said Sally McCracken, vice president of 4C. Plus, they are sweetened with Splenda so there’s no “sugar crash” or empty calories.

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