Minnesota Looks To Pump-Top Marketing

Gas prices set new records on Friday, reaching almost $3.50 a gallon at the pump.

Republican lawmakers in Minnesota, meanwhile, say they’ll be using pump-top TVs at gas stations to deliver critical messages against Democrats’ support of a state gas tax aimed at generating funds for Minnesota’s transportation projects, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The Minnesota House GOP caucus said it plans to buy advertising at locations with gas pump video monitors, mainly a move to go after voters who are “torqued off” about the gas tax, a Minnesota lawmaker said.

Republican legislators say their campaign to gain seats in the Minnesota House will target gas stations by introducing 15-second ads at any gas station that has pump-top TVs. Republicans lawmakers said: “Since the Democrats are so proud they raised gas taxes by 42 percent, we just want to make sure everyone filling their pump up knows."

Minnesota’s gas tax increase will pay for road and bridge improvements throughout the state.

Nationwide, diesel prices pushed above $4 a gallon, while crude surged to a record $116 a barrel, The Associated Press reported.

The price of crude oil was pushed higher after a militant group in Nigeria said it sabotaged a major oil pipeline operated by a Royal Dutch Shell PLC joint venture, and the group promised further attacks on the country’s petroleum industry.

The price of regular gas hit $3.445 a gallon, according to a survey of stations by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). Some analysts expect gas prices to peak near $3.80 a gallon.


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