Coca-Cola, Starbucks Go Retro

Industry giants Coca-Cola and Starbucks are trying to push consumer engagement by introducing limited-edition, vintage designs on their packaging, reported.

Coca-Cola recently reintroduced its 1906 bottle design, the "Diamond Label," in a move to place the brand’s product heritage and history in the consumer mindset. The bottles are available nationwide in four-packs, the Web site said.

The Coca-Cola 1906 design follows a similar program the soft drink giant created for last year’s holiday season, when its 1899 bottle design hit shelves. According to Williamson, the limited supply product sold out quickly and was popular with many age demographics.

Starbucks, meanwhile, has replaced its green-and-black logo with a vintage all-brown icon, which was printed on coffee cups in tandem with the launch of a new flavor. The brown logo had appeared on Starbucks cups from 1971 until it was replaced by the green logo in 1987. The original features the company’s nameplate and tag: "Fresh Roasted Coffee," as well as a full body shot of the two-tailed mermaid.


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