McDonald’s Tries Mobile Coupons

McDonald’s will let customers at 113 locations in Utah, Wyoming and Nevada gain access to mobile coupons when they use a Cellfire mobile coupon from April 7 to 27, according to

Customers can go to or text “mcd” to 22888 to receive the Cellfire application, and on signing up they receive a redemption code that can be given to a McDonald’s cashier for an iced coffee.

“McDonald’s is the type of brand (that) mobile couponing should do well for,” said John Hadl, managing partner at mobile marketing consultancy BrandinHand, of Beverly Hills, Calif. “I’m cautiously optimistic that consumers will, beyond downloading it for the free cup of coffee, continue to use it for additional offers. That would be the ultimate win for all manufacturers looking to offer incentives using mobile devices."

San Jose, Calif.-based Cellfire is a mobile service that provides discount coupons on goods and services for cell phone users. A number of other major companies are also testing the new service, including Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, Clorox and Del Monte.

McDonald’s said the Cellfire service “is appealing because it is easy to use and helps consumers interested both in saving money and enjoying McDonald’s.”


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