Understanding C-Store Shoppers

VideoMining has launched a new syndicated program called C-Store Shopper Insights (CSI-1) in cooperation with multiple C-store chains, including 7-Eleven and Shell Oil and Road Ranger.

The goal of the landmark nationwide study is to develop a detailed understanding of the shopping process of all key consumer segments that visit C-stores. This understanding will help consumer product manufacturers and retailers evolve their marketing and merchandising programs to match the needs of C-store shoppers.

The program will employ VideoMining’s breakthrough in-store measurement platform, which generates very detailed and precise metrics on shopping behavior and demographics. Wave 1 of the technology-enabled research program will include an in-depth analysis of over 150,000 C-store trips to provide unparalleled visibility into the purchase decision process for all major product categories in the channel.

“The cooperation we have received from both national and regional retailers demonstrates the strong interest in the industry for understanding and improving the C-store shopping experience,” said Steve Treglia, vice president of business development for VideoMining. “This program will help in identifying specific ways to improve the connection with convenience shoppers through a deeper understanding of their needs.”

In addition to 15 category-specific syndicated reports, the program offers custom research and testing options.


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