Tropicana Valencia Premium Juices

At last, there is a 100% pure juice with such luscious flavor, bold color and delicious taste that it is an orange juice like no other. Tropicana Products Inc. has unveiled Tropicana Pure Valencia 100% juice, a national first from the juice leader. The juice will appear in stores nationwide beginning in April. Tropicana Pure Valencia is the most premium juice Tropicana has ever offered. Crafted from the top 3% of Tropicana’s Florida orange harvest, Tropicana Pure Valencia contains only the juice from select Valencia oranges, which are known for their rich color, exceptional juiciness and succulent taste. All Tropicana Pure blends in the 54-ounce and 1-liter sizes are available for the suggested retail price of $4.49, while all 12-ounce sizes are available for $2.49.

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