Stations to Refund Customers

Three Hendricks County gas stations agreed to refund their customers up to 70 cents per gallon of gas purchased last Friday after an inquiry by the state’s attorney general revealed possible excessive pricing, The Indianapolis Star reported.

A Speedway gas station and two Marathon stations had set prices at $4.09 per gallon of regular unleaded last Friday, triggering complaints to the attorney general’s office, the newspaper reported.

Upon the attorney general’s investigation, the three gas stations agreed to provide customers with refunds on the difference between the market price and the higher price at the time, which amounted to roughly a 70-cent-per-gallon difference.

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter told the newspaper the prices at the three stations “stuck out like a sore thumb and were clearly excessive in the marketplace.

“The stations involved have cooperated with our inquiry and recognize the need to provide customer refunds,” Carter said.

To receive their refund, customers were required to provide a receipt or credit card statement showing they’d purchased gas at one of the three stations last Friday. The investigation was nothing new to Carter. He led an investigation on excessive pricing shortly after 9/11 that resulted in 58 Indiana gas stations refunding more than $32,000 to customers, the newspaper reported.


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