Now Playing in Boston: Gas Station TV

Following up on a venture that first unraveled in the Dallas area more than two years ago, Gas Station TV is adding 90 flat-screen televisions to fuel dispensers at 50 Boston-area convenience stores, the Boston Globe reported.

Gas Station TV first installed televisions at convenience store fuel dispensers in Dallas in January 2006, and has since brought about 5,400 screens to convenience stores in 375 cities.

The televisions run on four-minute loops and are placed directly above the fuel dispensers for customers to see, a marketing strategy that has paid off, a Nielsen study showed.

About 70% of customers recalled products that were advertised on the screens, and 84% said they’d watch the TVs on their next visit to the gas pumps. The televisions will be introduced to the Boston stores within the next month. Gas Station TV installs the televisions at its own cost, but also boasts about 20 million viewers a month.


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