On Top of the Rockies

Hunt Brothers Pizza has added its first pizza shop to the state of Colorado with the grand opening of a shop inside Stop ‘n’ Save convenience store in Gypsum. The East Coast-based pizza chain now has 6,000 locations in 27 states.

The Gypsum Stop ‘n’ Save will play host to a two-hour live radio show from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 22 as part of the pizza shop’s grand opening.

Founded in 1962 by brothers Charlie, Lonnie, Jim and Don Hunt, Hunt Brothers said it plans to open more stores in Colorado in the coming weeks and months.

The company introduced its new signature pizza shop last year, a concept where convenience stores can prepare and bake each pizza to order on site. The pizzas are offered with a wide range of toppings and a number of styles that can be customized at no extra charge to the customer, the company said. The pizzas are delivered fresh-frozen to convenience stores through Hunt Brothers’ distribution partners, and stores are then able to modify the pizzas on-site.


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