Chevron to Launch Modified Diesel Pilot Program

In hopes of appealing to the growing light-duty diesel market, Chevron Corporation has begun rolling out a pilot program offering "fine-tuned" diesel fuel at 48 Sacramento-area gas stations in the next few weeks.

The sale of light-duty diesel passenger cars is expected to grow by 12 percent within the next seven years, as more fuel-efficient diesel vehicles are becoming a viable alternative to standard gasoline vehicles, the company said.

Chevron’s new diesel fuel will contain Techron D, an organic additive designed to clean fuel injectors in modern diesel motors, thus improving mileage and reducing emissions.

The diesel mix is the first of its kind used in the US. Light-duty diesel passenger vehicles are generally about 20% to 40% more fuel-efficient than vehicles using standard gasoline, the company said.

Techron D could cut down on performance-robbing deposits that potentially disrupt fuel spray and ultimately detract from a vehicle’s performance. The ingredient is also formulated to cut down on corrosion in the fuel system.

Chevron’s marketing heads expect to kick off marketing efforts in the coming weeks, including an online campaign, enhanced point-of-purchase signage and materials, as well as other mechanisms the company is banking on to steer traffic to the Sacramento-area stations.


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