Progressive Adult Beverages

Diageo announced the introduction of three products to its fast-growing Progressive Adult Beverages (PAB) line: Smirnoff Ice Light, Smirnoff Ice Strawberry Acai and Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Mojito.

* Smirnoff Ice Light. Available in six-packs and variety packs at the suggested retail price of $7.49; 12-packs will also be available.
* Smirnoff Ice Strawberry Acai. Available in six-packs at the suggested retail price of $7.49; it will also be included in new Smirnoff Ice variety packs and will be offered in 24-ounce bottles.
* Captain Morgan Parrot Bay MojitoSix-packs are priced at $7.49, and the product will be available in variety packs and 24-ounce bottles.

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