FucoPROTEIN bars are a dieter’s best friend because they are made with native whey protein, raw wildflower honey, acacia, and chia seeds, which expand in the stomach and result in a feeling of satiety for hours. However, it’s the fat-burning properties of fucoxanthin that distinguish fucoPROTEIN bars from other bars on the market. FucoTHIN is currently the number one selling supplement in the natural products industry, as verified by SPINSscan Natural, a market research firm. For the 12-week period ending Dec. 1, 2007, fucoTHIN was the number-one- selling product out of 225,000 products analyzed. In clinical, double-blind human studies conducted on overweight women who followed an 1,800-calorie meal plan, those taking fucoTHIN lost an average of 14.5 pounds while the placebo group lost an average of only three pounds. Available in chocolate and peanut butter flavors, fucoPROTEIN bars retail for $2.99.

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