Aristo Wellness Bars

Aristo Wellness Bars are the first commercially available nutrition bars that contain encapsulated, tasteless fish oils, so consumers can get the benefits of a diet fortified with Omega-3s without the fishy taste. Each Aristo bar is an excellent source of the purest ocean Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Aristo Wellness Bars are only 140 calories or less and also contain other wellness ingredients such as superfruit antioxidants to help maintain cell health and natural plant sterols to help reduce cholesterol. All Aristo Bars are naturally sweetened with unrefined organic brown rice syrup, organic evaporated cane juice and honey. Aristo bars have and suggested retail price of $1.89 and are available in three flavors: acai-blueberry and lime; pomegranate and cranberry; and goji berry and orange.

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