Wesco Selects KSS Fuels Pricing Suite

Wesco, a self-distributed operator of more than 50 convenience stores in Michigan, has selected the KSS suite of fuels pricing products, incorporating PriceNet, PriceNet Mobile, and KSS Visualizer, for a company-wide implementation.

Wesco chose the KSS product suite to improve the process through which it gathers, validates and presents market-level information to the pricing team. It was imperative that they could provide a quicker response to competitor price moves while maintaining accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness in their pricing decisions. Providing timely, accurate information is essential to offering competitive prices, with KSS Visualizer, PriceNet and PriceNet Mobile, pricing issues can be brought to the attention of Wesco personnel promptly and addressed accordingly.

"Our commitment to service is key to our success, and PriceNet, PriceNet Mobile and KSS Visualizer will help us ensure we provide competitive pricing at all times while giving our store personnel more time to focus on delivering fast, friendly service to our customers," said Jerry Westgate, Wesco’s co-president. "The investment in these KSS solutions will help us to continue to grow into one of the premier companies in the convenience store industry."

PriceNet is an end-to-end pricing solution supporting the key tasks and stakeholders involved in retail fuels pricing, from capturing field-based intelligence at the site level to the generation of price proposals via comprehensive pricing rules or price optimization to consistent, accurate and timely implementation. High levels of automation and an ‘exception-based’ approach ensure a rapid response to market conditions and allow pricing analysts to leverage the power of pricing analytics and automation.

PriceNet Mobile is pricing in the palm of your hand. Users can enter competitor prices and receive new price proposals in seconds, sent directly to their mobile device for approval and implementation. PriceNet Mobile users can also review key performance measures and receive exception-based performance alerts, minimizing the delays in responding to market events and/or competitor price changes that can cost retailers in lost volume, margin or price image.


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