Sugar Free Indulgence

Clemmy’s Ice Cream has introduced the first all natural, sugar free, super premium ice cream. Americans concerned about the health risks of sugar, preservatives and artificial sweeteners can now enjoy five great tasting, rich and creamy flavors: vanilla bean, chocolate, coffee, toasted almond and chocolate mint swirl. "Before Clemmy’s, ice cream lovers seeking a sugar free frozen dessert had to sacrifice the rich and creamy flavor they could only find in super premium products loaded with sugar," said Clemmy’s founder Jon Gordon, who created the secret Clemmy’s recipes in his Southern California kitchen. "There are a number of products that claim to be ‘no sugar added,’ but if you read the nutrition label carefully you’ll see there are actually several grams of sugar." Clemmy’s, which said its unique flavor comes from a naturally occurring sweetener found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, will be available in limited distribution at the end of March in quart-sized containers with a suggested retail price comparable to other super premium brands.

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