It’s All About New

Frequent new product launches have become de rigueur in the world of retailing, with customers expecting new product introductions on a regular basis.

“Convenience customers love new items,” said Bill Tencza, senior category manager at Quick Chek, a chain with more than 100 stores in New Jersey and Southern New York. “And our customers look to us to provide them with new products.”

Like many convenience retailers, Quick Chek is aggressive in the introduction of trendy products and services and puts “new item” signs near those offerings throughout the store to attract customer attention.

“I know some retail outlets have ‘new item zones,’ but that is very hard to manage,” Tencza said.

Quick Chek stores welcome popular product extensions like they are new items. Recently, the stores were first on the street with the Red Bull 16-ounce limited edition can, a near double dose of the regular 8.3-ounce energy drink.

“We want to be first to market with new products,” he said. “During those two to three weeks, you can reap great benefits.”



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