Ice Cream Float in a Bottle

More than 110 years after the ice cream float was first consumed, A&W and Sunkist Floats are being introduced to recreate all the rich creamy frothiness of a real ice cream float in a bottle. A&W and Sunkist Floats–first-of-their-kind, float-like beverages–deliver a real float experience without all of the fuss. Available in convenient 11.5-ounce, vintage soda-shop-inspired glass bottles with twist-off tops, A&W and Sunkist Floats’ rich, creamy flavor can be found at major retail, grocery and convenience stores nationwide. "For years, beverage makers have tried to crack the code and develop an indulgent drink that tastes like a homemade float," said Andrew Springate, vice president of marketing for Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. "The A&W and Sunkist Floats are indulgent treats like nothing consumers have experienced before." The suggested retail price is $1.79 for a single serve bottle and $5.99 for a four-pack.

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