Feel the Rush

Since the introduction of canned energy drinks, the convenience store industry has realized unprecedented growth in the segment. Product offerings have grown from a single manufacturer to several dozen to choose from today. Year over year, Circle K has achieved segment growth of over 25%.

Responding to the consumer’s unquenchable appetite for energy, Circle K, West Coast Business Unit launched a private label line of canned energy drinks under the propriety brands of Talon Energy and Vixen Energy. There are many flavors appealing to the many different consumer dynamics, from blood punch to sugar free. Going one step further, Circle K West Coast teamed up with The Nec’tar Cappuccino Group and has evolved it’s Talon & Vixen Energy brands into a foodservice, hot beverage offering, Talon Energy infused French vanilla. The product is a rich and creamy coffee based beverage infused with caffeine, ginseng, guarana and taurine and is dispensed through a traditional counter top cappuccino machine.

Point of sale has been developed to cross merchandise the cold canned beverage with the new hot beverage offering.

"Initial consumer response has been astonishing", said Shannon Mooers, category manager for Circle K. "This is another example of how Circle K listens to its customers and creates the right products at the right time. Already in the pipeline is our next offering, Vixen Energy infused sugar free French vanilla."


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