Tidel Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Tidel Engineering, L.P., a provider of cash management systems and robbery prevention products, celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Originally a subsidiary of The Southland Corp., (7-Eleven’s parent company), Tidel introduced robbery prevention cash controllers to the convenience store industry in 1978. Tidel’s cash management solutions have since expanded to virtually all varieties of retail stores.

"Tidel has enjoyed 30 years as the worldwide leader in cash management systems," said Mark Levenick, president and CEO of Tidel Engineering. "Tidel was the first to bring to market robbery prevention cash controllers, the first to integrate electronic reporting systems in cash controllers, and most recently, the first to close the loop of cash accountability in retail stores by integrating to the POS over the store’s private network."

Today, Tidel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentinel Technologies. It continues to design and manufacture products for cash security and robbery prevention, as well as retail cash management.


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