Smart Drinks for Smart Kids

In an effort to keep America healthy, FUZE Beverage continues to drive the crusade to help fight childhood obesity by introducing the all new 12-ounce PowerFlex plastic bottle. The new package will be available in school vending machines across the country. All of FUZE’s products meet new guidelines for school beverages. FUZE’s healthy infusion of vitamins and minerals help augment a student’s diet by aiding immunity and nutritional well-being. FUZE’s refreshingly smart beverages are reported to be the fastest growing and highest velocity product line in the premium New Age category. FUZE offers five of its top-selling flavors in the new portable PET to high school vending machines. Flavors are: Green Tea, Slenderize Strawberry Melon, Slenderize Blueberry Raspberry, Refresh Peach Mango and Refresh Banana Colada.

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