M&M’s in Two New Varities

MARS Snackfood US is extending its popular M&M’s brand with two new limited edition products: M&M’S Mint Crisp and M&M’S Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies. Mint Crisp will be available in limited edition with the release of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” coming to theaters in the spring. M&M’s Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies will be introduced in March 2008. Cherry was rated the number one fruit flavor by consumers in M&M’S brand research. The new M&M’s brands will be available in 1.5-ounce singles, 2.7-ounce king size, a 11.8-ounce medium bag and a 17.6-ounce large bag. The suggested retail prices are 55 cents for singles, 99 cents for king size, $2.96 for the 11.8-ounce bag and $4.39 for the 17.6-ounce bag. Multiple displays are also available.

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