Hot Diggity Value-Priced Subs

Pierre Foods’ newest entry to their Vending and C-stores line-ups will have customers exclaiming “Hot Diggity!” Finally, great tasting, microwaveable sandwiches at an entry-level price point. This line of sub-shaped sandwiches capitalizes on what Pierre Foods does best—full-flavor seasoned and sauced meats on their famous hearth-baked yeast roll. The moderate portion size is also ideal for those consumers who focus on portion size to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The Hot Diggity Subs microwaveable sandwiches are offered in three popular flavor profiles—Barbecue Pork, Spicy Pork Sausage and Italian Beef Charbroil—and are perfect for breakfast, lunch or mid-day snacks. Hot Diggity Subs are wrapped in colorfully printed film to show off the sandwiches and are packaged 24 sandwiches per case for ordering. The price point is intended to be $1.29 or less.

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  1. deweyjiffy says:

    Where can I find these microwable sandwiches, especially the spicy pork sausage other than thru my vending machines at work? Please contact me at

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