Ergonomic Retail Check-Out Systems

Ceemco Store Displays, a manufacturer of visual merchandising and point-of-purchase displays, has developed a customizable line of retail checkout systems which provide the best possible utility, ergonomics and convenience for cashiers and customers. Systems have rounded edges, “best-height” platforms for writing checks and bagging stations that can swivel for easiest use. Ceemco’s stress-minimizing designs are time and motion tested to ensure safety and reduce unnecessary strained movement. Modular Ceemco checkout systems are built for department or front-of-store use, from powder coated steel or solid surface materials, so they’re ideal for convenience stores and gas station kiosks. Systems can include locking displays to protect high-value items and extra countertop space for revolving displays.

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  1. Makayla Oxley says:

    Ceemco Shop Shows, a producer of visible marketing and point-of-purchase displays, has designed a personalized line of retail store check out techniques which provide the best possible application, ergonomics and comfort for popular and clients.


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