Building Breakfast Sales

Chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have been busy overhauling their foodservice programs to capitalize on the increased demand for breakfast items, described by foodservice experts as the fastest-growing daypart segment. Convenience chains like 7-Eleven, however, are well ahead of the curve already owning a popular line of breakfast items that continues to expand. 7-Eleven stores in the lower Midwest, for example, introduced Exclusive Bold coffee, the strongest brew ever sold in its stores. In addition, the convenience giant has added breakfast on the grill, with breakfast variety Go-Go Taquitos and Hot Pockets to complement its current hot breakfast menu of heat-and-eat breakfast sandwiches.

On the breakfast front, 7-Eleven has added three new grill items for an on-the-go breakfast–sausage, egg and cheese Go-Go Taquito, chorizo and egg Hot Pocket and the meat-n-egg Hot Pocket. At a suggested retail price of $1.09, the grill items are one of 7-Eleven’s best breakfast values and available during the morning rush.

“The number of people eating breakfast out or on the go has more than doubled in the past decade,” said Kathy Humphries, 7-Eleven category manager for grill. “Taquitos and Hot Pockets are hot, a great value, and especially easy for commuters to eat on the run.”

While the breakfast grill items are only offered in the morning, breakfast sandwiches on croissants, biscuits and English muffins, fresh fruit, and fresh-baked pastries, muffins and donuts are available at participating 7-Eleven stores throughout the day. Since the stores order all fresh foods daily, some items may be unavailable until the next day’s early hours to capture the first early-risers on their way to work or shift-workers on their way home.

“Many of our morning customers are planning beyond breakfast and the day’s commute,” said Steve Keane, sales and merchandising director for 7-Eleven’s Central Division. “They purchase snacks and lunch items, ice for a cooler at an outdoor job site, get cash at our on-site ATMs, forgotten school supplies, a Fantasy Football magazine for an evening meeting and lottery tickets. Bottled water, batteries, sunglasses, headache-medicine, gift cards and tobacco–our goal is to have what customers need and get them on their way quickly.”


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